by lisa largen
Bat Pop

Bat Pop

$800.00 通常価格

Oil painting on wood panels

  • Specs

    • 18"x24"
    • Oil on wood panels
    • Ready to hang, heavy duty wire on back
    • Four boards across each approximately 4.5" in width
    • Two pieces of wood on back for bracing
    • Clear gloss coat to protect from UV light, moisture and dust
    • Signed and dated
  • About this painting

    This piece is part of my Movies and Comics series.  I wanted to paint comic characters and my favorite actors who played them. 


    I decided to do this series on wood panels to give it a rough dirty look and to add more depth to the already chaotic characters.


    I love Michelle Pfeiffers portrayl of catwomen.  Sexy and strong, she toys with batman like he is her mouse.   I made batman into blowpop.  How many licks does it take catwomen to get to the center of batman....  

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