by lisa largen
Why So Serious

Why So Serious

$800.00 通常価格

Oil on wood panels

  • Specs

    • 18"x24"
    • Oil on wood panels
    • Ready to hang, heavy duty wire on back
    • Four boards across each approximately 4.5" in width
    • Two pieces of wood on back for bracing
    • Clear gloss coat to protect from UV light, moisture and dust
    • Signed and dated
  • About this painting

    This piece is part of my Movies and Comics series.  I wanted to paint comic characters and my favorite actors who played them. 


    I decided to do this series on wood panels to give it a rough dirty look and to add more depth to the already chaotic characters.


    The image of the joker on the poker card has more of a Jack Nicholson interperation of the joker. 


    With his jacket open, you will see an abstract view of Gotham City.  The bat symbol was placed over the jokers heart since they are forever in each others lives like two lovers in a tragic love story.  

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